Jenkins CPU Spike on AWS ECS at 2PM EST - Insights Needed

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a Jenkins issue that’s been bugging me. We’re running Jenkins on AWS ECS and, consistently, every other day at 2PM EST, the controller server’s CPU spikes to 100%, freezing all jobs for a straight 30 minutes. We’ve been digging around to see if it’s related to some update or cleanup job but haven’t found anything yet. Any insights or suggestions? Would really appreciate any input. Thanks!

After closely monitoring today, I have a strong suspicion that the ‘update plugins’ process is the root cause of the issue. Following today’s performance spike, I observed that the ‘update plugins’ task was refreshed simultaneously with a single log entry. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a method for adjusting the automatic update check schedule.

System Information:

Jenkins Version: 2.417
Java Development Kit (JDK): 11
Sep 25, 2023 2:01:26 PM INFO hudson.util.Retrier start
Attempt #1 to do the action check updates server