Jenkins and Terminal Applications

Just wanted to ask a simple question on running tests again a terminal application using Jenkins. Is anyone doing it, and how are you achieving this through an automated testing lense?

Any experiences, and how would be greatly appreciated as I am not sure where to look nor how to look.

  • Kurt

What’s a terminal application in this context?

The terminal application is front counter solution based off a SSH connection. I just want to be able to write scripts to simulate a person testing the application to ensure upgrades work as planned.

Is this something you are familiar with?

ah, terminal as in dumb front end, gotca. I havn’t heard of many solutions for testing desktop/gui applications. So far the only one I know of is appium

What OS does that app run on?
I guess you want to test it as a black box?
You don’t have access to the source, and can’t install a test framework inside?

> What OS does that app run on?

It’s a Unix based OS.

> I guess you want to test it as a black box?

Yes it is a black box system.

> You don’t have access to the source, and can’t install a test framework inside?

No access to the software other than through the operating of the software. Do have shell access to the host through.

Just want to automate testing of the software product before going live with updated software is what I am ultimately aiming for. Whilst the Vendor does their own testing, they do not test against ‘our’ specific configuration which is why we require internal testing.

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Thanks Kurt.
I think this is not a problem linked to Jenkins in the first place…
I tried to find a framework, a tool, something that would allow testing a terminal application on Unix but failed; which doesn’t mean it does not exist.
When you will have found such a tool, then it may become a Jenkins-related problem.

Best of luck. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Bruno

I was looking at something which integrates into Jenkins to control and log failures through, and I may have found something.

AscentialTest can integrate into Jenkins for Defect Tracking which I need to identify if it is something which works for the business, and whilst this is a start the are many more things which I know Jenkins can help manage.

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Honestly you don’t need anything that does deep integration. Just find something that can output xuint.xml or junit.xml results and then add a junit/xuint step to read the results.

I would recommend looking into what you can use to test outside of jenkins, then integrate that into jenkins.

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