Jenkins Agent Connectivity Issue

We are seeing issues with Jenkins Agent to Controller connectivity. Things were working fine until today. Tried re-configuring the agent node, but no luck. Checked on the scripts(bashrc and profile under /etc/, but could not see any changes there as well. Please provide a workaround if any to keep the alert quiet, but in the first place, we are unable to understand why this error popped since it was working fine until today.

The message in the screenshot (please paste text in the future rather than screenshots) tells you what has happened that caused the change and what you need to do to correct it.

It says

Your password has expired
Password change required but no TTY available

That means that someone (your IT organization, an administrator, or you) has placed an interactive command in the .profile or .bashrc. The ssh connection is not an interactive connection. It can’t answer the request to change the password. The ssh connection is probably unable to proceed because that interactive command is expecting a person to answer it.

The interactive program seems to be intended to require the user to enter a new password because the current password has expired. It may be as simple (short term) as updating the password of the user that runs the Jenkins agent. That’s not the best long term solution, but that may be enough in the short term to allow the agent to connect.

The long term solution is to remove that interactive program from the .profile or .bashrc file where it has been inserted.