Jenkin pipeline error - Type 'IsTuple' is not generic

yarn build is failing with below error!!

Type ‘IsTuple’ is not generic
===console error below ====
10:23:11 [info] [webpackbar] Compiling LIFT App

10:25:33 [success] [webpackbar] LIFT App: Compiled with some errors in 2.24m 10:25:33 e[31mFailed to compile.e[39m 10:25:33 e[31me[39m 10:25:33 e[7m/Jenkins/workspace/xx/xxx/xxx-DEV/node_modules/@types/prettier/index.d.tse[27m 10:25:33 e[31me[1mTypeScript error in e[22me[39me[1me[36m/Jenkins/workspace/xx/xx/xx-xx/xxx-dev/node_modules/@types/prettier/index.d.ts(41,54)e[39me[22me[31m:e[39m 10:25:33 Type ‘IsTuple’ is not generic. e[31me[4mTS2315e[24me[39m 10:25:33 10:25:33 e[0m e[90m 39 | e[39me[90m// If the array is a tuple, then that’s going to be the explicit indices of thee[39me[0m 10:25:33 e[0m e[90m 40 | e[39me[90m// array, otherwise it’s going to just be number.e[39me[0m

That’s an issue in the source code, not something that Jenkins can help.