Is there a conversations.setTopic for Slack Notification plugin?

I’ve been looking at the slackSend function that’s part of the Slack Notification plugin, however I was unable to find a way to change the topic of a channel. Is there a way to do this with Jenkins?

Via the plugin probably not. But slack APIs are simple http posts. You can probably just call curl or use the http requests plugin.

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I am fairly new at this, I was wondering, are there any examples in regards to using http posts with the Slack API for the conversations.setTopic method?

I was checking online, but was unable to find one example that clearly stated this.

As a general rule I expect effort before providing help.

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Thanks a lot for the link. I understand that some work should have been done before asking this question. I will give this a shot and provide an update should something went awry with some work behind it.

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