Is it possible to integrate TFS into Jenkins?

Is it possible to integrate TFS into Jenkins?

A Jenkins TFS plugin exists, but it was removed from distribution due to a licensing issue. The licensing issue appears to have been resolved but the plugin is not being distributed because it also has multiple unresolved security vulnerabilities.

You can read the licensing history in [INFRA-2751] Team Foundation Server Plugin uses closed-source dependency - Jenkins Jira .

There are at least two security vulnerabilities:

No one has yet volunteered to adopt the plugin in order to resolve the security issues and make it again available for use by others. More information on the plugin adoption process is available at

The TFS plugin appears to have been unceremoniously abandoned by Microsoft, and they have not left it in a pretty state. Along with the security issues and poor documentation of the applicable SDK license for the embedded and out of date SDK, As the tfs-plugin uses certain SDK libraries which were removed in 4.135.0, it’s non-trival to update the plugin to the latest SDK.

They also have not left much of an alternative path, other than installing the CLI (TEE-CLC-*) from the SDK release and invoking from an Execute Shell step, which is messy (but gives you the full CLI flexibility) .

Nevertheless, if you are prepared to accept the security risks, it is possible to install manually by downloading from GitHub release and installing. Make sure to have installed the git-plugin first (as normal), which should pull in all the dependencies for you.

I have your same problem, here we use TFS and Jenkins, so in a isolated system I installed this version of TFS plugin:

In my docker file I use this:
RUN jenkins-plugin-cli --verbose -f /usr/share/jenkins/ref/plugins.txt
COPY mypath/tfs.hpi /usr/share/jenkins/ref/plugins/

and this works with the latest jenkins/jenkins:lts

Hope this help

thanks Letizia.
Already solved
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