Investigate zombie trigger

Hi there,
I have jenkins v2.263.1 and bitbucket server v7.6.16.
Following to pull request merge (or push into master) some unknown webhook triggers different jenkins builds and then build notifications of triggered (unrelevant) builds are received and published for some selective commits.
Is there jenkins server trigger log? Where (or what for) can one search in jenkins server logs to validate what triggered specific build in the past?

The build should say the cause at the top of the build log, which might help.

If you goto $JENKINS_URL/manage/log/ you should be able to change the logging levels of whatever classes you want.
Looking at bitbucket-plugin/ at 6b9ff82226167413e1f19f80bd8ee536b9537cc6 · jenkinsci/bitbucket-plugin · GitHub you could probably do com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.BitbucketPayloadProcessor (since Receiver has no logging, and just calls BitbucketPayloadProcessor)

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thank you, added BitbucketPayloadProcessor class to log recorders!

In regards to what build says:
On one hand it says in the log: Started by timer, Running as SYSTEM
On the other hand it has in changes a commit (with author, date etc.) sha1 from attached bitbucket list of commits.
The job has been scheduled like this: H H * * 6-7 - i.e. run sometime during saturday and during sunday
However according to the log it ran on Monday.

We suspect bitbucket server integration plugin behavior can be related (since builds mentioned in the log are the only builds that use bitbucket server connection to repository).
jenkins: v2.263.1, bitbucket server integration: v2.1.3, bitbucket server: v7.6.16
The impression is that any job connected to specific bitbucket repository with “Bitbucket Server” updates last commit (of mentioned repository) build status.
Can someone confirm this is an expected behavior?

mentioned log is empty since i configured it

A comment in JENKINS-66789 mentions webhook events causing unnecessary retrieves. Version 3.0.2 of the Bitbucket Server Integration should fix that and should still be compatible with your Jenkins 2.263.1.

JENKINS-63069 was a bit similar but that one was fixed in Bitbucket Server Integration 2.1.1 already.

Hi kon, all, Following your recommendation i have updated Bitbucket Server Integration to v3.0.2, tested with a test build and found notifications still coming. Thoughts?