Integrating LoadRunner 2022 with Jenkins 2.375.3

I tried Integrating LoadRunner 2022 with Jenkins 2.375.3 using Micro focus Automation tools 7.7 plugin. I am trying to execute a LR scenario with “Running tests from file system” option.

My LR scenario runs manually with ease.

But when Jenkins plugin attempts to run the scenario, it seems to fail due to The remote procedure call failed

Any help is much appreciated.

LoadRunner Controller Version 2022 Build 433

Error: Cannot close Controller gracefully, exception details:
Error: The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)
Error: at System.RuntimeType.ForwardCallToInvokeMember(String memberName, BindingFlags flags, Object target, Int32 aWrapperTypes, MessageData& msgData)
at HP.LoadRunner.Interop.Wlrun.LrEngineClass.CloseController()
at HpToolsLauncher.TestRunners.PerformanceTestRunner.closeController()
Error: killing Controller process
Cleaning up the environment…
wlrun killed
Cleaning up the environment…

Hello @Vamsi85 and welcome to this community :wave:

When you say:

My LR scenario runs manually with ease.

Is it on the very same machine your Jenkins agent is installed on?
You have installed a Jenkins agent, you’re not using the built-in agent, right?

Yes. It’s on the same machine.
I have downloaded windows installer file of Jenkins & installed it.