Instance Identify Jenkins Version Error

I have to use version 2.346.1 of Jenkins. I can’t now upgrade immediately. Which version of the Instance Identity plugin will I use to solve the error I get? Thank you all.


Some plugins could not be loaded due to unsatisfied dependencies. Fix these issues and restart Jenkins to re-enable these plugins.
Dependency error:

Instance Identity (3.1):

Jenkins(2.348) or higher required

You don’t need any version of the instance-identity plugin with Jenkins 2.346.1. Remove it from the list of plugins that you are installing.

The Jenkins 2.361.1 changelog notes that instance identity was split from Jenkins core in that release. Jenkins 2.346.1 includes instance identify inside Jenkins as a module.

If you’d like to learn more about Jenkins modules and the process that splits them from core into separate plugins, read Jenkins Enhancement Proposal 230.