Infrastructure Team Meeting - October 18, 2022

Attendees :busts_in_silhouette:

Announcements :loudspeaker:

  1. Weekly:
    • Release succesful
    • Docker image
    • Checklist to be finished (changelog)
  2. ACI (Windows containers) on
    • Jobs in the queue, @dduportal to fix it
    • Nanoserver Windows => user.home sys. prop java set “C:” (instead of USERPROFILE) => Maven local repocity C:.m2 (instead of %USERPROFILE%.m2)
  3. Tomorrow: security release (plugins only)

Upcoming Calendar :calendar:

  • Next Weekly: next tuesday (25th of Oct)
  • Next LTS: ( November) # TODO: @dduportal
  • Next Security Release: tomorrow (19th of Oct.)
  • Next major event:

Notes :book: