Infrastructure Team Meeting - March 07, 2023

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Announcements :loudspeaker:

  1. Weekly: delayed to tomorrow as part of the 08 March 2023 security advisory
  2. 08 March 2023 security advisory
  3. From Platform and Documentation SIGs: we would want to put an additional effort on deprecating the “End Of Life” things such as CentOS-7, JDK8, Ubuntu 18.04. For VMs, containers, and also documentations.
    • A JEP will be written
  4. Documentation SIG decided that the installation guide will be shifted from JDK11 to JDK17 (April 2023)
    • (Damien says: “Infra should lead this way by switching to JDK17”) :wink:
  5. JDK updates in April (21th): JDK20 (but also JDK11/17). No date for JDK21 LTS line though

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