Infrastructure Team Meeting - August 08, 2023

Attendees :busts_in_silhouette:

Announcements :loudspeaker:

  1. Weekly 2.418
  • Failed during the “Push tag” step due to git
  • Release process restarted as nothing was pushed
  1. Next meeting (2023-08-15) Cancelled. We’ll meet the 22 August 2023 instead

  2. Question: Jitsi for meetings?

  • We tried Jitsi for visio. meetings inside, both application and website
  • We could run the infra meeting using Jisti instead of Zoom
  • Recording can be done with a Youtube account (with the “live record” feature)
    • Need to be enabled 24 hours before (1 time)
    • Alternative with OBS studio (but local record)
    • Let’s ask the board for the youtube liverecord
    • Would avoid the “upload recording step”

Upcoming Calendar :calendar:

  • Next Weekly: 2.419, the 15th August 2023
  • Next LTS: 2.414.1 (RC 9th of August) the 23 of August (backports done, one last UI regression reported though)
  • Next Security Release as per jenkinsci-advisories: N.A.
  • Next major event:
    • DevOps World in September

Notes :book: