Inbound-agent image for Windows in Azure Container Instances

Hello everyone.
I am trying to run jenkins/inbound-agent for Windows in the Azure Container instances. I was able to start a Linux image and also was able to start jenkins/agent image but I faced a problem with Jenkins/inbound-agent.
I can’t quite figure out how to properly run the command.
I checked the docker image and it looks like the entry point is ENTRYPOINT [“powershell.exe” “-f” “C:/ProgramData/Jenkins/jenkins-agent.ps1”]
I found the powershell script on docker-inbound-agent/jenkins-agent.ps1 at f72e0a199a9b27a2bbca701ce96b7aacfe13c104 · jenkinsci/docker-inbound-agent · GitHub
Looks like I need to pass 3 parameters.
So my command line looked like this
az container create --name kube-agent2 --resource-group DEV --ip-address Private --vnet "myvnet’ --subnet ‘mysubnet’ --image jenkins/inbound-agent:windowsservercore-ltsc2019 --os-type Windows --ports 80 --command-line “-url password2ed595 kube-agent02”
as a result, I see the error
guest RPC failure: The system cannot find the file specified.: unknown Can anyone please help with this? I am ready to provide all the necessary information.
Thanks in advance