HyperlinkNote in BlueOcean UI does not have the expected results as Classic UI

Hello Jenkins Lovers,
I do have a question (or probably an issue), currently I am trying to use hudson.console.HyperlinkNote to decorate some text in the console output, so far it all works perfect until I decided to open BlueOcean UI to discover something unexpected

Here is a the code I used to let you reproduce

import hudson.console.HyperlinkNote
node {
    stage('Test') {
        def decorator = HyperlinkNote.encodeTo('https://example.com','decoration')
        echo "Check ${decorator}"

On classic UI it looks perfect and as expected, then in BlueOcean UI looks no so perfect

Am I doing something wrong?
I will appreciate if someone has a proper way to do it that will work in both UIs, i really would like to have a way to decorate and make hypelinks due that the urls I am generating could end up very long and with some characters that when Jenkins try to decorate them automatically could not recognize the whole url and as user experience it become annoying.

Thanks in advance.

No one to help? sad :pensive: