How to trigger additional empty dummy kubernetes workers before release?

Usually before a major release I’m using at least 50 jenkins kubernetes workers.

The thing is what I’m triggering my 50 jobs that will trigger 50 jenkins kubernetes workers might take some time (up to 30 min). To minimize this delay,I would like to pre-create these 50 jenkins kubernetes workers beforehand.

There is any way to create 50 empty kubernetes workers without triggering any job?

Welcome back @dsaydon90. :wave:

I think you could pre-provision Jenkins Kubernetes workers (also known as agents) using the Kubernetes plugin for Jenkins. :thinking:

However, this is not a common practice because one of the main benefits of using Kubernetes is that it can dynamically provision and de-provision resources as needed.

If you still want to pre-provision Jenkins Kubernetes workers, I guess you could create a Jenkins job that starts a number of “dummy” workers.
These workers would do nothing but wait for a certain amount of time, keeping the workers alive.