How to serialization and deserialization jenkinsfile with Javascript?

groovy is a lightweight data-interchange format,like json.
The serialization and deserialization of json is so easy how to do it in groovy, please help.

Not really related to Jenkins as far as I can tell, but just in case it helps, I’ve responded.

Groovy is a programming language, not a data format. More info at

If you’re using Jenkins scripted Pipeline and you’re worrying about serialization with Groovy, you may be writing too much logic in your Pipeline script. You should use sh steps or bat or powershell steps to perform as much of the work in your Pipeline script as you can. Those steps execute on the Jenkins agent. Placing large amounts of logic in the Pipeline domain specific language can create performance bottlenecks and maintenance challenges.

I want to use Javascript as web front-end, use jenkins as back-end.
Clicking the button on the front end can realize the addition, deletion and modification of the jenkinsfile, so I need to use javascript to modify the jenkinsfille. I need to operate jenkinsfile like yaml, json etc.