How to run Julia codes which depends on other packages? OS is win10

I have tried to set the environment and I am sure that my command works in CMD.
While in Jenkins, error still comes like this :

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package DrWatson [634d3b9d-ee7a-5ddf-bec9-22491ea816e1] is required

How can I solve this?

Install the DrWatson package on the agent that is running the job. Assure that the user account that is running the agent has enough permissions to access the DrWatson package.

Thank you! But it’s still not clear to me.
I asked this question in Julia community, someone suggested me to install Julia in Jenkins. Is that necessary?
I have no idea how to install the package on a Jenkins agent. Are there any tutorials or examples?

A Jenkins agent can be run on any computer that can run Java 11 or Java 17.

Install the tools that you need to perform the tasks on that computer, verify that the tools are working as you expect, then start the Jenkins agent process on that computer from the account where you confirmed the tools are working. Because you installed the tools on that computer and verified them, they should work from within the agent as well.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!
Problem solved with your kind help. Please seeing the detailed solution here:
How to run julia code that depends on other packages in Jenkins?

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @YiboXia94 . :+1: