How to report status for multiple projects running on the same Pipeline

I have a Pipeline project which can trigger builds for different projects (and branches on them). The pipeline is responsible of setting the build version.
I added an HTML table in the Pipeline description, where I show the list of projects and it’s code coverage for the development and main branches.
I wanted to show the build status and latest version. I thought the plugin GitHub - jenkinsci/embeddable-build-status-plugin was what I needed, but there are two problems: it’s not working as I expected and it is being deprecated.
What would be the recommended way to achieve this? Is it possible to generate HTML during the build, archive it, and then use it as Pipeline description? Mind I’m not talking about the current build description but the whole Pipeline, where it gets safeHTML.
Is there a way to query the pipeline history and use it on the safeHTML description?

is my problem unclear? or am I expected to show this builds statuses on some other way?

Probably nobody really has an answer. Its usually easier to get a response for “how do i do this thing i attempted” rather than “solve this problem for me”

you probably can access currentBuild.parent.description but I’d have to look at javadocs to find the exact method names.

I mean: am I trying to use the description section for something it’s not meant for?
What is the usual way to show the status of each branch (and in my case each project) on a parametrized pipeline project?

its meant for describing the project/build. I’ve put tag or version numbers in my build description before. There’s no right way to use jenkins.

tl;dr Go nuts and have fun

I haven’t heard of it happening enough to say there’s a usual way.