How to provide user permissions for "Lockable Resources" using groovy script in Jenkins

I am able to provide almost all permissions to user using groovy script. But i am unable to provide Lockable resources permission. I am using the below code:

import jenkins.model.Jenkins
import hudson.model.User

def inst = Jenkins.getInstanceOrNull()
def strategy = inst.getAuthorizationStrategy()
strategy.add(org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockableResourcesManager.VIEW, “user_id”)

I am getting the below error:
groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: VIEW for class: org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockableResourcesManager

I am getting similar error for replay permissions for RUN and move permissions for JOB. I am using the below code for them.
strategy.add(Item.MOVE, “user_id”) --for JOB
strategy.add(hudson.model.Run.REPLAY, “user_id”) --for RUN

Could anyone help me with this?

if you do it via gui, you should be able to get the full class and property from config.xml

that being said, a quick search of the code leads me to lockable-resources-plugin/ at 5da5616763a17b02c5753b083405f62386901288 · jenkinsci/lockable-resources-plugin · GitHub