How to get familiar with remoting

As Suggested by @Jmm in gsoc-sig i’m posting my question here as the lead mentor @basil isn’t in the gitter chat

I was gathering information about Exponential backoff and jitter for agent reconnections so i went through the links AWS Architecture Blog. I checked the issues of remoting in JIRA but im unable to understand the issues.
What should i do to get familiar with remoting?
Thanks for your time

After posting this question on gitter some things i was able to understand about remoting :

  • I was able to understand how the reconnection of agent after restarting the controller happens currently in remoting subsystem.
  • I learned about some techniques to reduce jitter so the reconnection attempt of agents will not be synchronised
  • I still need to learn about the testing framework that’s in my TO-DO right now

I am not sure offhand. It would require self-guided exploration.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply
Yes i did explore more things in the remoting subsystem but i’m still unsure about the testing framework if you could give me some references to look into to understand what are the end goals/milestones of the testing framework

As I wrote above, this requires self-guided exploration.

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