How to get a better build failure email

Jenkins newbie here,

The build failure emails we send shows only a “Console Output” section with the last 150 lines or so of the console output, which are filled with chunks like this:

Analyzing: xxxx.xxxx(at)xxxx.xx

Looking for: xxxx.xxxx(at)xxxx.xx

starting at: 0
firstFoundIdx: 0
firstFoundIdx-substring: xxxx.xxxx(at)xxxx.xx

=> found type: 0

So, I click on the link to show the full log, and then the start of the log is filled with:

Seen branch in repository origin/bugfix/PTSMC-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Is there any way to get rid of both of these, so that I can more easily get to the maven part?

The mailing is done with this:

post {

    failure {
        emailext( subject: '${DEFAULT_SUBJECT}'
            , body: '${JELLY_SCRIPT,template="html"}'
            , to: emailextrecipients([[$class: 'CulpritsRecipientProvider'], [$class: 'RequesterRecipientProvider']])
            , replyTo: '$DEFAULT_REPLYTO'
            , mimeType: 'text/html'

We’re using Jenkins 2.361.1

It looks like someone turned on debug logging for the Extended Email plugin. You can turn this off in the global configuration. That should clear up the email address stuff.

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Doh! I looked for that but managed to miss it…
Thanks :grinning:

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