How to force plugin run on slave node

I try to using insightvm plugin that call api in some ip.
but for security reason not want to open firewall to insightvm plugin API on Jenkins master.
I need to separate jenkins slave node server for allow firewall to insightvm plugin API.

Any one have the solution. Or suggestion.


Hi there,

As a reminder, the term “slave” to refer to an agent has been deprecated since 2016. The term “master” to refer to a controller has been deprecated since 2020. Please refer to On Jenkins Terminology Updates for more details. We request you update your post.

Having a plugin perform actions on an agent instead of performing those actions on the controller will require changes to the plugin source code. You could submit a pull request to the plugin repository implementing the enhancement. You could adopt the plugin if the maintainers do not respond to your pull request (as they did not respond to my pull request from a year ago)

Mark Waite

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