How to copy drop down parameters after copying $JENKINS_HOME/jobs/<job_name>/config.xml?

I would like to migrate liquibase jobs from one jenkins to another.
I copy $JENKINS_HOME/jobs/<job_name>/config.xml + Reload Configuration from disk.

I can see the job and job configuration. But when I click job parameter drop down, they are empty. How to copy job drop down parameters from one Jenkins to another Jenkins.


Hello @erudolph86 and welcome to this community. :wave:

When copying Jenkins jobs from one instance to another, the job configuration and parameters should be retained if the necessary steps are followed. :thinking:
However, the behavior you’re experiencing might be due to some specific configuration or plugin-related issues. Here are some steps you could take to ensure the job parameters are correctly copied:

  1. Make sure both Jenkins instances are running the same version: Ensure that both Jenkins instances have the same version, including any plugins used by the job.
  2. Backup the Jenkins home directory: Instead of manually copying individual job configuration files, it’s recommended to create a backup of the entire Jenkins home directory. This way, all job configurations, and their associated data are copied correctly.
  3. Install necessary plugins: Check if the jobs in question rely on specific plugins, and make sure these plugins are installed and configured correctly in the target Jenkins instance.
  4. Verify Jenkins global configuration: Some plugins might use global configurations in Jenkins. Verify that the necessary global configurations are set up in the target Jenkins instance.
  5. Reload Jenkins configuration: After copying the job configuration files or the entire Jenkins home directory, make sure to trigger a full Jenkins configuration reload/restart. This can be done by using the “Reload Configuration from Disk” option or by restarting the Jenkins server.
  6. Check Jenkins logs: Monitor the Jenkins logs for any errors or warnings related to the job parameters or plugins. The logs may provide clues about any issues during the job migration process.
  7. Test with a single job: If you have a specific job that is not working correctly after migration, try creating a new job manually on the target Jenkins instance with similar configurations to see if the job parameters work as expected.

As a last resort, if the job parameters are not copying properly between Jenkins instances, you might need to recreate the jobs manually in the new Jenkins instance, making sure to configure the parameters correctly during the process. :person_shrugging: