How to control backups

I am searching API/REST API to control internal backup snapshots (HOURLY, NIGHTLY, WEEKLY) on .snapshot
I found one ticket to create following API but no action…

That issue is submitted against the thin backup plugin. The thin backup plugin does not use file system snapshots to perform the backup. File system snapshots depend on the snapshot capability of the file system (for example ZFS, btrfs, Amazon EBS, …) and usually require privileged access to request the creation of a snapshot. Since they require privileged access they are probably better controlled from a privileged account on the server that is hosting the controller.

As an alternate, In case I’ve misinterpreted the term “snapshot” in your question. If you mean that you would like a REST API that will schedule the thin backup plugin to perform a backup, then as far as I can tell, that has not been implemented. The maintainer of the thin backup plugin has been merging and releasing pull requests. If you implement the enhancement and submit it as a pull request, you could use the enhancement immediately and the rest of the community would benefit once it was released.