How can I refer to WORKSPACE variable in property file path for Extended Choice Parameter in pipeline

How can I use the WORKSPACE environment variable for Extended Choice Parameter definition? my Pipeline has an Extended Choice Parameter, where I need to read the choice from a property file stored in git repository.

The reason behind to put property file into git is that I can track the changes, and don’t need to update pipelines everything the list of choice items updated.

But that approach seems failed. I tried to use all the format of the following format, neither one works

propertyFile: “${env.WORKSPACE}/intermediate_path/”
propertyFile: ${WORKSPACE}/intermediate_path/"
propertyFile: env.WORKSPACE + ‘/intermediate_path/’

Anyone has a clue how to interpolate a string, referring a file in git repo? I’m pulling my hair…

a pipeline has no fixed workspace. Parameters are evaluated before the actual build starts, so there can’t be a defined workspace.

Thanks for reply.

So, Are there any default/Jenkins variables that we can leverage during parameter evaluation period? Say, the Jenkins account’s home directory, current pipeline’s name, If these values are accessible at parameter evaluation stage, How can we access them, and whether there is a list of the accessible variables, Thanks,