Help with --set controller.installPlugins=

Hello, I am installing jenkins with Helm, and I am really struggling with this parameter:

--set '{controller.installPlugins=sysdig-secure:latest}'

If I set it, the plugin is not installed.

What am I doing wrong?

This is the original command, which works fine until I append the line above.

helm install my-jenkins jenkins/jenkins --version 4.3.23 \
      --set controller.serviceType=NodePort \
      --set controller.nodePort=31337 \
      --set controller.adminPassword=sysdig

I found my mistake, I should have used this syntax:

--set controller.installPlugins='{sysdig-secure:latest}'

But if I manually specify one plugin, for some reason all other default plugins are not installed, why?

Let me clarify: if I do not add:

--set '{controller.installPlugins=sysdig-secure:latest}

I can see a lot more plugins installed by default and I can also add a new pipeline item.

But if I add the line above, a number of plugins are not installed and the new–>pipeline is not available anymore.

It looks like I am answering my own questions today, it was just a matter of using the right syntax

--set controller.installPlugins='{sysdig-secure:latest, kubernetes, workflow-aggregator, git, configuration-as-code}'

note, using that helm feature installs the plugin from jenkins infra every startup, so if there’s ever an outage of jenkins infra, you can’t start jenkins.

The recommendation is to pre-package your plugins inside your image so you don’t depend on jenkins infra