Help! I disabled Role-Based Authorization Strategy plugin and now Jenkins won't start

How do I fix this? I was trying to disable plugins we do not need, and I guess this one we DO need. But now how do I get Jenkins to come back!?

Thanks for the reply! So by disabling access control I get rid of its need for the plugin? Because Jenkins would not even start, just spammed a bunch of errors about the missing plugin.

Fortunately I used the command-line plugin install method to put the plugin back and it’s running again.

would not using a plugin’s features remove the need for the plugin to be loaded? yes. Generally jenkins is pretty tolerant of plugins going away, but not in config.xml

would disabling security remove the need for authorization strategy? I suspect so, but not certain.

As for how do you re-enable a plugin that you previously disabled (Which i had no idea was your original ask), I believe disabling plugin adds a file called pluginname.hpi.disabled, and to re-enable it, you just remove the .disabled plugin name, but i haven’t looked into it or needed to do it manually in a while. I would recommend looking into doing backups, and using configuration as code, so when you have an issue, you can restore or recreate much easier.

Also when asking for help, its good to have an actual question, your post was “help i changed something and things broke” I took a guess that you broke being able to login, and told you how to disable security. But if you had provided an error message, or even “how do i re-enable a plugin” it would have gotten to the conclusion faster.

Sorry, I should have been more clear about what I meant when I said Jenkins would not start. I was in a bit of a panic. My ask was not really about re-enabling the plugin, although that is what solved the issue. I did, in fact, try removing the .disabled file before I posted, but for this particular plugin it did not fix the problem. I don’t know why. Next time I’ll provide the full error message so it’s clearer what the problem is. Thanks again for your replies.