Hashicorp Vault Plugin AWS IAM Credential set up in Jenkins Global Settings

I was wondering if someone has a screenshot perhaps of their settings, I seem to have everything set up properly, currently we have our setup talking to our hashicorp vault instance with a vault token just fine, we want to convert this over to using AWS IAM auth, I went to the main screen in Jenkins setup, followed the plugin instructions for the AWS IAM auth setup here GitHub - jenkinsci/hashicorp-vault-plugin: Jenkins plugin to populate environment variables from secrets stored in HashiCorp's Vault. but its almost as if it doesn’t take the settings at all when I safe or apply it. So I was wondering if someone has has a successful setup and could screenshot theirs to see if potentially its something I’m missing, or point me to a good document on this website that has a little. more to it then a paragraph and some empty parameters or some other website. I’ve done quite a bit of searching but so far turned up empty. Thanks in advance, Al

I should add that when adding the Vault Plugin AWS IAM Credential its done via builder that is https, but when you add the AWS IAM auth it pops up a window and that window opens up as HTTP://builder. and that’s a problem because the form expects to retrieve values from AWS but since that pop-up form is now HTTP and not https it will not autofill like it is supposed to any of the values for you. In fact a red autofill is not allowed message pops up and when I turned on developer tools in the browser is where I found that the endpoint is in HTTP vs https. So supposedly there is a way to modify the form to a DIV in the post or something I’m looking into is the only work around as there is no browser security setting that can be set to work around this one. So again if anybody has worked around this any other way, let me know.