Groovy intellisense for Visual Studio Code

I published an extension called Groovy Guru that gives you basic intellisense using this groovy-language-server.

I find it really helpful when working in my shared-library and creating Jenkins jobs.


Edit: August 16th 2021 - Version 0.3.0 released with docstring support!



This is just for basic groovy right? Or does it know about Jenkinsfile flavor too?


Currently it just supports groovy. I think it is possible to support steps from plugins but I’m not sure. It can support anything you can import.


import jenkins.model.Jenkins

Would work as long as you download the .jar and tell the plugin where that jar is. So I think we can do that same with plugin steps? But I’m not sure.


if you can import sh ^ into your jenkins job, then yes it would work.

Their is however a really decent plugin someone else created that covers most of the basic steps called Jenkins Doc, it just has a really bad name.

@halkeye Created this Jenkins Extension Pack over the weekend. It’s a one click install on Visual Studio Code for the extensions I can’t live without when developing jobs or shared libraries for Jenkins.

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This is awesome! And thank you for anything that supports Groovy on VS Code. It is so sorely needed!

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With the release of version v0.3.0, we now support docstrings on mouse hover!