Governance Meeting, February 19, 2024


19 Feb 2024

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  • Ampere Computing has lent 2 servers to the Jenkins project
    • Special thanks
      • Bruno Verachten arranged the loan to the Jenkins project
      • Aaron Williams arranged the loan from Ampere Computing
      • Mark Waite is hosting the machines at his house (donating electricity and networking)
      • CloudBees will be asked to donate disc drives and other components as needed
    • Next generation of the Jenkins project involvement with ARM64

Action Items

Community activity

  • Contributor summit results
  • Java 11, 17, and 21 in Jenkins - Mark Waite
    • Contributor summit provided additional information
      • HPI plugin has been extended to prepare for Java 11 end of life - PR-578 from Vincent Latombe
        • HPI plugin not yet released with the change
    • 2+2+2 Java support plan - Jenkins enhancement proposal submitted
      • Include the steps of the Java migration as part of the JEP (work estimate, tasks, etc.)
        • Mark has much more work to do here
          • Dropping support for a Java version (refer to Java 11 for ideas)
          • Adding a Java version (use Java 21 addition as the pattern)
          • Making a Java version the recommended version (use Java 17 as the pattern)
        • Further refinements to be done in the JEP
    • Key dates
      • Oct 2, 2024 - Last Jenkins LTS release to support Java 11
      • Oct 30, 2024 - First Jenkins LTS to require Java 17
      • Oct 31, 2024 - end of Java 11 support by Jenkins project

Governance Topics

  • Jenkins awards - Mark Waite
    • Nominations close today, 19 Feb 2024
    • Overview of the Jenkins awards
    • Nomination process for Jenkins awards
    • Voting process for Jenkins awards
      • 2023 winners are not eligible for 2024
    • Announcement of Jenkins awards
      • Announced at cdCon in April, Seattle
      • Publicize on the Jenkins web site as well - blog, LinkedIn, Tweet, etc.
  • Attribution request for downloads page from JFrog
    • Basil has submitted a draft pull request for a sponsors page
      • Proposes multiple levels
        • Original proposal
          • Anchor
          • Premier
          • Partner
          • Supporter
          • Associate
          • Mirror
        • Alternate proposal (Olympic medals + 2 extra)
          • Anchor
          • Gold
          • Silver
          • Bronze
          • Mirror
    • Links from the downloads page do not use
    • Good to highlight our sponsors (like JFrog) in multiple ways
    • Proposed to list sponsors at the end of the downloads page similar to the end of the root page
      • Include links to a description of the architecture used to distribute Jenkins core and Jenkins plugins
  • Azure expense status
    • January expenses were $6820
      • last week of January showed very good cost reduction
    • February expenses predicted less than $5000
      • Reductions from last week of January are continuing
  • AWS credits donation request - Mark Waite
    • Credits have been received, not yet applying the credits to Jenkins tasks
    • Credits will be used with the same pattern as we use with Azure credits
      • Use a new account to host the credits
      • Move specific tasks from existing account to new account to consume the credits
  • Mark unavailable for next governance meeting - 4 Mar 2024
    • Need a volunteer to create the agenda and run the meeting