'gitSCM' is an obsolete attribute name, please use 'scmGit'

Hello All,

I see this warning related to Jenkins Casc
'gitSCM' is an obsolete attribute name, please use 'scmGit'.

I would update the Casc configuration changing the value as suggested but I am worried about
$class: ‘GitSCM’.
Do you have any suggestions about this?

I am using Jenkins 2.387.1 LTS version

The configuration as code plugin has the “View Configuration” button on its page within “Manage Jenkins”. Use that button to generate a sample of the current configuration then you can compare it to your existing configuration…

You can also choose to leave them as they are and rely on the git plugin continuing to read those definitions correctly. The git plugin automated tests check that the previous form $class: GitSCM and the new form scmGit both work.

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