Github Organization Folder to Github Branch Source

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Hello All,
We are using Jenkins 2.346.3 and as per deprecation notice GitHub Organization Folder<!-- --> | CloudBees CI plugins of this plugin we are going to disable this plugin. There are multiple Organization Folder jobs configured in jenkins and we already have this plugin as alternative GitHub Branch Source . Will it going to affect the existing jobs by any chance which are configured with Organization Folder. We are not able to reproduce the issue. Please help

The GitHub Organization Folder documentation says:

After you have upgraded to version 1.6 you may delete this plugin. Its functionality is now provided elsewhere.

I think that means all your job definitions should be preserved when you transition from GitHub Organization Folder to GitHub Branch Source.

Unfortunately, the Jenkins plugin manager and the Jenkins update center are not going to help you with upgrades because of the age of your Jenkins version. Jenkins 2.346.3 is no longer included in the Jenkins update center data because it is two years old. It also has multiple known security vulnerabiltiies. You should plan your upgrade to the most recent Jenkins version as soon as possible.