GitHub Authentication reset after jenkins restart

configured github sso authentication, but it reset back to local after restart of jenkins.
jenkins v2.375.3 and running on kubernetes

Are you using Jcasc? If so, then you need to update the JCasc configuration:

  • configure Github ssh in the UI
  • export the JCasc configuration from the UI and paste it in your jenkins.yaml

Jcasc documentation explaining all of this in more details: configuration-as-code-plugin/ at master · jenkinsci/configuration-as-code-plugin · GitHub

Edit: I saw in your other question that you are using the helm chart, in which case you might also want to read helm-charts/ at f4f5d23e139359a985f5ea87ae080fe327bead9f · jenkinsci/helm-charts · GitHub

disabled the configuration-as-code plugin and which solved the problem. thank you.