First time user needs help on existing project that already uses Jenkins

I am a newbie to Jenkins. Just took over a project that has been using Jenkins for CI/CD. I have Jenkins installed on my mac. I have project cloned. How do I launch the jenkins file?

There’s not really a “launch the jenkins file” type button. Jekins designed to be a long running process triggering jobs as needed. Though there are projects to change that.

The easiest way is start up jenkins, let the default plugins install (or at least pipeline), then create a new pipeline, then in the drop down about half way down the page change the pipeline dropdown to scm, and select the scm that runs your project.

That being said, if you are using it for CD, its going to have a lot more steps like secrets and credentials and stuff.

Getting started with the Guided Tour seems like a simple written out tutorial.

Thanks - I am still a little stuck. I am brand new to Jenkins. The project I inherited uses Jenkins. I need to do a demo build and I don’t know how to kick off the jenkins script. The current script has all the build actions, signing keys, etc. I don’t know how to simply start the script. The project is in BitBucket but there are no pipelines configured - so I assume I run the jenkins script locally. Oh - and the developer that set all this up is not reachable.

I think if you want hand holding through this, you’ll want to contact a vendor. Some will have a couple free hours for you to use. All of the people involved with open source have other responsibilities (day job, family, etc) and can’t be available full time.

If you don’t want to use a vendor, I recommend going through the tutorial I provided and see if that gets you insight in where to get started next.