FileNotFoundException after pushing commits

I am building remotely in a Docker container using Maven.
Jenkins builds a branch successfully.
I push some commits to that branch.
Maven builds successfully inside of Docker. [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS
Jenkins fails with:

channel stopped
ERROR: Failed to parse POMs java.util.MissingResourceException: Unable to load resource jar …
Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Unable to load resource jar …
Caused by: … jars/B4/4AF9FAB5A63F932FF8A75D1C8068FC.jar (No such file or directory)

I am confused on what kind of code changes would trigger this behavior in Jenkins.
Thanks in advance.

There’s a cache that sometimes gets confused when you rewrite git history (rebase, squash, force push, etc). If you wait long enough it often fixes itself, I usually just tell the pipeline to rescan the repo (that might only be an option for multi branch or organization pipelines). Some have had luck deleting the cache dir and restarting.

The build fails 100% when building this particular branch and 0% when building the original branch without these commits in them. No rebases, squashes, etc.

This Jenkins project is part of a MultiJob project, if that makes any difference.

Skipping tests resolves this issue for some reason.

I found the project that triggers the behavior if a test pass is run. I tried to isolate the problem to a particular test class but it turns out it doesn’t matter. Just running tests on the project, even when there is only one empty test class, triggers the issue.

Is there supposed to be a ‘/%3F/’ in the middle of the path to the missing jar?