File Load Error: no such file while running Jenkins job

  1. I have a Jenkins job that clones the repository from GitHub, then runs the Execute Shell script with the help of newman command contains collection and Environment JSON file.
  2. after that from the collection some of the services are working fine.
  3. But the file upload-related services are failing.
  4. The error is displayed as File load error: <“file name”>, no such file

Can you help me to resolve this issue with the some solutions.

Hi @Ganesh , could you provide us more information? You problem is not clear.

  • Could you share the pipeline (Jenkinsfile) or at least a set of screenshots of the Job configuration?
  • What is “the help of newman command contains collection and Environment JSON file.”. It’s not clear to me what are you referring to?
  • “from the collection some of the services are working fine.” which collection and services are you talking about?
  • “file upload-related services are failing.” what is “upload-related service” exactly?

It seems that the error you have are because of the tools that you are using, not because of Jenkins.

Hello @dduportal thanks for your response.
The below activities are I have done:-

  1. I haven’t created any Jenkins files.
  2. Now I’m running my Jenkins job through a freestyle project.
  3. In Postman I have created a collection and in that collection having nearly
    70 services and those services run through chaining requests that I have created one global environment with different variables and those variables I’m passing where I have required.
  4. Now in postman there are some services where I have to upload CSV data files.
    So in postman now I had uploaded the CSV files from the from-data option. In postman and in Newman all services are working fine.
  5. Now I have to run my collection on Jenkins for My collection and environment JSON files exported into the local repo then I pushed my local repo on GitHub.
  6. Now I have created one freestyle project on Jenkins. In that project
    I have put my Github URL and added my credentials after that I have build steps
    where I’m using the execute Shell there I’m using the Newman command with the help of
    collection JSON and Environment JSON path.
  7. But after running the Jenkins job there are some services filed where
    I have to upload CSV data files so there I’m getting the File Load Error: no such file.
  8. So my question is how to upload my CSV data files into that service.