Execute a job in a multibranch pipeline when another one in the same pipeline ends

I have the same job in 3 different branches of the same multibranch pipeline. Let´s suppose they are called X, W, and Z.
I want them to be executed in that order, when the previous one has finished, so:
W is executed when X finishes, and Z is executed when W finishes.
But I can´t find the “Build other projects”, “Build after other projects are built”, or “Build Triggers” to define that logic.
Is that possible in multibranch pipelines?

Currently, my only option is to use build(job:‘JOB_NAME/BRANCH_NAME’) inside of the jobs to execute the next one, but I think that is not the same because I can see in logs the following chain of nested executions:

Started by upstream project X build number XXX
originally caused by:
Started by upstream project Y build number YYY
originally caused by:
Started by upstream project Z build number ZZZ
originally caused by:
(deeply nested causes)

So maybe it is impacting the server´s performance and because of that, I´m trying to use build triggers if possible, to ensure that a job is finished before the next one starts.