Error: more than one instance sharing /var/lib/jenkins

Hi community!, hope u are fine.

i have a question, i have two jenkins instances but sometimes display “Error: more than one instance sharing: $PATH”
do u known how to disable this alert? or remplace message to “reload Jenkins” on button?

i searched under jenkins component & the file that check this part is: “/lib/jen/lib/layout/breadcrumbs.js”
someone modify this part? could u help me plss =(

Thanks !!

Jenkins does not support two instances using the same path. Don’t disable that alert. Fix the root problem by configuring each Jenkins controller to use its own dedicated home directory.

i cant apply this configuration because we need deploy jenkins with HA, found the file to change message, is locate on DoubleChecker class.


Jenkins does not support high availability. Using the same Jenkins home directory for two instances will not give you high availability. It will give you unreliability.

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