DSTY - jenkins-std-lib (Shared Library) - Is back!

Hey everyone,

After taking a tiny 4 month break :sweat_smile:. I’m back with a mostly maintenance release.

DontShaveTheYak has released v0.12.0 of the jenkins-std-lib.

This release is mostly dependency updates as I get back into the swing of things. However I did manage to release two improvements which are worth mentioning.

  • You can now easily use tfswitch inside your pipelines to automatically detect and install the correct version of terraform.
  • We now have a docker container that can easily be run to demo the features of the library.

To play with the new TerraformSwitcher class.

  1. Run docker run --rm -p 4000:80 dsty/jenkins:demo to start the jenkins sever locally.
  2. Wait about a min or until you see “Jenkins is fully up and running”
  3. Browse to and click build to see the tfswitch example. To see the code that is running scroll to the top of the build and click “replay” or see it here.

For the more security consious users, you can build the demo docker container yourself here.

Checkout the example jobs here, which demonstrates most of the new features. Hosted javadoc documentation is available here.

Shameless plug below :sweat_smile:

If you are using the vscode IDE, then I highly recommend my Jenkins Extension Pack which gives you auto completion and javadoc comments directly in your IDE.