Documentation office hours - September 15, 2022


2022-09-15 (Europe)


  • Mark Waite
  • Kevin Martens
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Daniel Heath


  • Action items
    • Mark - Archive docs mailing list, switch to for Docs SIG
    • Upcoming blog posts that Mark owes to the organization
      • Award winners from cdCon
        • Darin Pope named CDF Continuous Enthusiast of 2022
        • Basil Crow named Jenkins Top Contributor
        • Wadeck Follonier Security MVP (Most Valuable Player)
        • Oleg Nenashev named CDF Top Documentor
      • Jenkins Contributor Summit summary
    • Upcoming blog post for Digital Ocean sponsorship - Kevin
      • Reviewed and ready to publish on Monday, 19th
  • Google Summer of Code - Mark Waite
  • DevOps World 2022
    • 2 weeks from now
    • Tons of sessions, talks, workshops, connection opportunities
    • Adopt and modernize a plugin tutorial
      • Pull request moving out of draft very soon
    • Contributor summit
  • Hacktoberfest documentation contributions - Mark
    • Starts Oct 1, 2022, ends Oct 31, 2022
    • Being shared/spotlighted as much as possible
    • Need a list of approachable documentation tasks (good first issues)
      • Two categories of Hacktoberfest topics
        • Good first issues - no Jenkins experience required
        • Hacktoberfest - Jenkins experience required
        • Need volunteers to review open issues and recommend labels
          • Propose to close issues that no longer make sense or are resolved
          • Good to spend time on this during Docs office hours
      • Plugin documentation migration to GitHub
    • Tasks intentionally not recommended for Hacktoberfest
      • General documentation migration to GitHub
        • Not recommended for new contributors
        • We have a large backlog of wiki migration pull requests that are stalled because they require significant work from experienced users and administrators