Documentation office hours - Feb 23, 2023

2023-02-23 (US/EU) - Google Summer of Code


  • Kevin Martens
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Sayantan Mondal


  • Action items

  • Jenkins awards 2023 (CDF)

    • Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor - Basil Crow (not eligible this year)
    • Jenkins Security MVP - Wadeck Follonier (not eligible this year)
    • Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate - Gavin Mogan (not eligible this year)
      • Nominations open now, voting to take place later via Google form
        • Nominate through comments to the GitHub issues
      • Must have a github account to nominate/vote
      • Last year’s winners cannot win the same award this year, but can still be nominated for other awards.
      • Other awards/nominations can be viewed on the CD Foundation award site
    • 2023 Award nomination and voting timeline
      • Nominations close: Friday, March 3 - submit nominations
      • Voting opens: Wednesday, March 8
      • Voting closes: Tuesday, March 28
      • Results to be announced at CDcon 2023
  • Documentation transition to Java 17

    • April / May 2023 release of Debian 12 ⇒ transition install docs from Java 11 to Java 17
      • April 2023 is also end of life for Ubuntu 18, will want to remove it from docs
      • Java 17 is already supported, we’ll switch the instructions to use it as default
      • Java 11 will continue to be supported
    • Transitioning Windows and Linux install docs from Java 11 to Java 17 at that time
      • Consistent Java version
      • Move more users to Java 17
    • Need to share our plans with Tim Jacomb so that he’s not surprised as release officer - Kevin
  • End of life checklist?

    • Should we create a documentation end of life checklist?
      • Ubuntu 18 is end of life 30 Apr 2023
      • Alpine 3.14 is end of life 1 May 2023
      • Alpine 3.15 is end of life 1 Nov 2023
      • CentOS 7 is end of life 30 June 2024
    • Checklist content ideas
      • Check the documentation for references
      • Check the packaging sites for references
      • Check the packaging repository (stop testing after end of life)
      • Check the release repository (find tooling that depends on end of life product)
      • Check the container images
      • Check the site for references
    • Create a template in the Jenkins docs repo, create copies of that template for each end of life
      • Patterned after the release checklist used for Jenkins LTS releases
  • Prep for CentOS 7 end of life (proposal)

    • Mark Waite has strong bias against CentOS 7
      • Ancient command line git (1.8) - complicate Jenkins plugins (git)
      • Ancient SSH (7.4)
    • Action items
      • Create one or more issues to track the work to remove CentOS 7 from docs
      • Stop running automated packaging tests of CentOS 7
      • Announce deprecation of CentOS 7 container images
      • Capture the end of life of CentOS 7 in a Jira epic
    • CentOS 7 not supported by the rpm installer (since the change to systemd)
    • CentOS 7 Docker container deprecated since 30 Sep 2022
    • CentOS 7 end of Docker container images proposed to Platform SIG
    • CentOS 7 entered maintenance in 2020, end of life in June 2024
    • Documentation references to CentOS 7 to remove
    • Replacements include:
      • Desktop or server operating system
        • Alma Linux 8 or 9, Rocky Linux 8 or 9, RHEL 8 or 9, Oracle Linux 8 or 9
      • Containers
        • ubi8, ubi9, Alma, Rocky all provide
    • Mark submit a JEP proposing a timeline to end life
      • Blog post, timeline, warnings to users from a Jenkins admin monitor, with an explicit end of life date
  • GSoC preparation

    • Kris updated the GSoC status page, 2023 participation announced
    • Weekly GSoC office hours for org admins and mentors - Thursdays 4PM UTC
      • Hosted by Jean-Marc Meessen
    • Site generation for, Rajiv willing to mentor the site generation project

Use Antora to build the site and allow docs pages to be version specific

i’m the winner not darin

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Ooopsie… I guess we’ll have to change the GitHub issues too. :blush:

he did win Continuous Enthusiast so may not be eligible, but not the jenkins one.

The GitHub issue states Gavin correctly: [Nominations Open] Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate 2023 🏆 · Issue #6035 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub

Updated things in the docs office hours note & the post so that should now be correct @halkeye, thanks for pointing that out!