Display Performance Test reports in main Jenkins job

I have a Jenkins pipeline job for which I am executing Perfomance tests by invoking another Freestyle project. How do I ensure that the reports and artifacts from the linked job are included in the main job ?

Part of the pipeline is as below :

pipeline {
agent any
triggers {
environment { 
    stages {
      stage ("UnitTest Report") {
                         publishHTML target: [
          allowMissing: false,
          alwaysLinkToLastBuild: true,
          keepAll: true,
          reportDir: '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/FlexToEcocash_main/IntegrationTests/BuildReports/Coverage',
          reportFiles: 'index.html',
          reportName: 'Code Coverage'
                   archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'IntegrationTests/BuildReports/Coverage/*.*'
                stage ("Perfomance Test") {
                steps {
                         build job: 'EcoToFlexPerfomanceTests'     

The stage Perfomance Test triggers a Freestyle Job named EcoToFlexPerfomanceTests and this will be the one that runs Jmeter tests.

I want to be able to access and display these reports from the main job. Is it possible to do so by running linux commands that will copy these files to my main job:

I had originally intended to run the Perfomance Test as a linux commands as below :


node {
   ws('c:\\jmeter\\extras') {
       stage 'Run JMeter Test with Apache Ant'
       def antHome = tool 'ant'
       bat "pushd c:\\jmeter\\extras && ${antHome}\\bin\\ant -f build.xml"
       step([$class: 'ArtifactArchiver', artifacts: 'Test.html', fingerprint: true])

but I’m not sure how to do so either in Linux or whether I need to use local binaries of a Jmeter installation for this (i have already installed Jmeter on the linux instance) :
Reference post
How should I proceed ?
Can I add linux commands that copy the Performance Test artifacts to my parent project ? – will the reports actually appear or they are several other config issues that will not this straightforward to do .

If not how can I add a stage using pipeline syntax to execute the exact same tests , I would then remove reference to the Freestyle job .