Deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk from Jenkins

I am trying to deploy my code from Jenkins to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using the AWS Elastic beanstalk Plugin. The project is a maven project which is being built successfully by the Jenkins job(Freestyle type).
My Jenkins is running on an AWS EC2 instance and I have given S3 full access and AWS CodePipeline full access to my EC2 server and also Attached the proper bucket policy to my S3 bucket i.e with the proper Elastic Beanstalk role. Also I have also added proper credentials in AWS Elastic Beanstalk plugin in Jenkins and also stored my AWS account credentials in Jenkins.
Below are the snippets that show the console output error
(1) As you can see that Jenkins is marking the build as a success.

Finally, whenever I config. the Deploy to S3 tab under Additional behaviors I get the above error. If i don’t config the additional Deploy to S3 config. the older version of the application the Elastic Beanstalk get updated by Jenkins, but that too is not being verified as when I run the AWS EB environment that has the latest application (according to Jenkins) i’m still seeing the old version.
Also I’m unable to figure out the Application version format in the AWS EB plugin in Jenkins.

I would like to create a new application version and not update the previous one.


as with CopyOnWriteArrayList Exception when viewing the project from the dashboard after upgarde to 2.332.1 from 2.263.4 - #2 by halkeye please update your plugins. It sounds like the plugin is using apis that no longer exist in core.

Hello sir,
I have updated all the plugins that were available for update and also I’m running Jenkins version 2.332.1.
After releasing the source code from the AWS CodePipeline in Jenkins I’m facing the below error. Please see the below image

Hello sir,
Is there any solution to this issue? I have already upgraded all the plugins but still the error persists.


Have you looked for any open bugs for that plugin? Have you reported the bug?

I recommend just using the AWS cli

Okay sir, I will do so and thank you for the suggestion.