Deleting Offline Jenkins Nodes


Using Jenkins 2.289.3, we have a Jenkins server that spins up temporary worker nodes, once the nodes get spun down they aren’t deleting. I am wondering if there is a way I can improve my jobs so that it deletes the worker node after it is spun down. If not, Is there a script I can run that will clean up the list, or is there a job that I can create that will clean up the list?

This could stand to use more detail. What type of nodes are these?

I use the ec2-plugin to launch EC2 nodes and they are configured to terminate on idle after 30 minutes.

btw all of the “cloud” provider plugins (including like vmware and other local ones) should behave similar to what @krachynski

Thank you, they are ecs nodes.

and are you running them with an ecs plugin? you might want to see if the plugin documentation mentions what you are asking for.

I am using the EC2 plugin. Where can I configure the plugin to terminate offline nodes when they are idle? I am looking at “Configure Clouds” in Manage Nodes and Clouds but do not see anything that will let me configure this.

oh geez.
This is configured per AMI in the EC2 cloud.