Could not start a new session. Response code 500. Message: unknown error: cannot find Chrome binary

On executing a Selenium Java application , the above error seen.

Any help ?

Jenkins setup:

cannot find Chrome binary

That usually means that the executable named chrome or chrome.exe is not in the PATH of the user that is running the Selenium process. There are several possible reasons:

  • Is Chrome installed on the agent that is running the test?
  • Does the PATH on the agent include the directory that contains the Chrome executable?
  • Are the Chrome executable permissions configured so that it is executable for the user that is trying to run Chrome?
  • Does the user that is trying to run Chrome have permission to access it in the directory where Chrome is stored?

The above points are okay and followed up. But this worked then later after a restart, the issue was resolved.Thanks

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, @SAN1. :+1: