Configure pipline pull request path

we are using Jenkins’ pipeline to build our project.
The project uses Bitbucket as source control.
We have also included files for unit testing in the repository.
For normal branches the system is working, but with pull requests we are getting the error “Filenname too long” while checking out the files for unit testing.
The problem is that in case of pull requests Jenkins uses a path *\PR-1\WS}@script\ID where ID is 64 digit hex number as root directory.
I know that there is a option to activate long file names in Windows but in our last installation I can remember that we had configured Jenkins or a plugin of it not using this 64 digit nex number but using the script directory directly as root.
Can someone please help me.
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Windows: 10 Pro 22H2 x64
Jenkins: 2.375.1 LTS

Hi @antispam88 and welcome to this community :wave:

Would the plugin you used be this one?

Thank you for your hint, but this plugin I haven’t used.
In meantime I have got the solution.
It wasn’t a plugin or a jenkins configuration, but it was the git configuration:
git config --global core.longpaths true

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @antispam88 :pray: