Complete pipeline in dynamic library issue

Dear community,

I have read in several posts that it should be possible to move a complete pipeline to a dynamic library. I have followed the examples and tried the following


@Library(‘build-tools’) _

def _node = ‘macos’
def _workspace = ‘/users/jenkins/workspace/plugins/xyz’
def _repo = ‘http://x.x.x.x/svn/plugins/xyz/trunk
def _artifacts = ‘build/xyz.*’

pipeProject(workspace: “${_workspace}”, target: “${_node}”, repo: “${_repo}”, type: “mac”, artifacts: “${_artifacts}”)

Groovy file pipeProject:

call(Map param=[:]) {
pipeline {
agent {
node {
label “${param.node}”
customWorkspace “${param.workspace}”
stages {
stage (‘Checkout’) {
steps {
script {
checkoutProject(remote: “${param.repo}”, clean: true)

When starting the pipeline i get the following error

[Pipeline] Start of Pipeline
[Pipeline] End of Pipeline
org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.cps.CpsCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins\jobs\xyz\builds\8\libs\vars\pipeProject.groovy: 2: pipeline block must be at the top-level, not within another block. @ line 2, column 5.
pipeline {
1 error

Any idea why this error occurs?

Since all pipelines in our company are almost the same and only differ in the parameters, I would like to outsource this centrally.

Thanks in advance and many greetings

I think you need def call


Thanks a lot it runs! I probably would have searched forever…
Best regards

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. :+1: