Cloud configs missing from config.xml after upgrade

Environment: Deployed Jenkins instances onto our Kubernetes cluster.

Our instances use the Kubernetes plugin and we add some custom configuration in the <clouds> section of the config.xml file related to the Kubernetes cloud.

Problem: After upgrading the Jenkins LTS core version, and upgrading the Kubernetes plugin, the entire <cloud> section of the config.xml is missing. We have to manually add the configuration back to the config.xml and restart the instance.

What is causing this and how can we fix it?

Hello @sslk ,

Which version were you upgrading from, and to?
I guess it’s from the n-1 LTS to the n LTS?
Would you have any logs to share?

Hi @poddingue , I was upgrading from LTS version 2.375.2 to version 2.387.2, but we have seen this with different versions as well.
For the Kubernetes plugin, I was upgrading from 1.30.11 to the newest: 3937.vd7b_82db_e347b_, but I also tried upgrading from 3893.v73d36f3b_9103 to the newest and saw the same issue.

I don’t see any logs that are suggesting the plugin is removing the config.xml…it’s a bit hard to debug. Was hoping to get any insight.

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