Clear browser cache after new deployment

We are deploying our React application on the apache server using the Jenkins pipeline. How to remove browser cache after every new deployment Automatically??

Thats not something jenkins can do. By design, no remote application will be able to affect your browser. It would be a security nightmare if apps on the internet could go in and mess with your browser.

Generally for web applications, you have index.html with a low cache value, then it loads a .js file that has a hash in it, and when your application updates, that file updates, so its a new uncached file.

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Thanks for the reply!! It would be great if you can help me how to do that??

As a general rule on the community side, no. We generally provide help when you get stuck, but we don’t solve problems.

You could hire a contractor. Or you could make an attempt, and then ask for help with specifics when you get stuck.

Others are more than welcome to step up and do it for you though. Between work, and my other jenkins responsibilities i can’t hand hold everyone sorry.