Change default ignore rules when using az acr build

I am trying to access my git repo and perform some git commands inside the docker machine I built using az acr build . The machine builds correctly. But I get these warnings:

WARNING: The login server endpoint suffix '' is automatically omitted.

WARNING: Packing source code into tar to upload...

WARNING: Excluding '.git' based on default ignore rules

WARNING: Excluding '.gitignore' based on default ignore rules

And as you would expect, later when I try and copy files from my working directory to the docker machine via the COPY task, the .git folder is not there. It seems like the default ignore settings for az acr build ignores the .git folder when it builds the docker machine. I checked the documentation here: az acr | Microsoft Docs

It doesnt seem to say anything about changing the default ignore rules. Any ideas how I could change this?

Why are you asking Jenkins about configuring azure build? Shouldn’t you be asking azure?

That being said it sounds vaguely like your doing a docker build. Do you have a

Googling also finds me Use the .artifactignore file - Azure Artifacts | Microsoft Docs